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The Malstrom! Boy, Was I Missing Out! Reason Studios Tutorial

So I have been using Reason since 3.0 and honestly, I haven't used the Malstrom once in that whole time. I'm not sure why but I just never reached for it. Boy was I missing out! This synth is truly a beast and so quick and easy to get some amazing sounds; unique sounds more traditional sounds, evolving sounds. It does it all in its own unique way. And it's really fast to dial in!

I made a Patreon companion video in which I make a couple advanced patches in real-time so that you can follow along and learn how to make your own patches and combinators using Malstrom! You will learn different ways to route the Malstrom into a combinator, parallel processing within the Combinator, some CV routing, and more! The video is available to all levels of patronage and you can join for as low as $5!!


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