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Propellerhead Reason Tip: Sidechain EQ

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Ok so....

You are probably familiar with the concept of sidechain compression and how useful it can be to get elements of your track to "duck" out of the way when other elements are present. The typical use for this is to sidechain elements of your track to the kick drum so that it doesn't loose power.


👇🏾 Check this video out for more info on the more traditional sidechain approach.👇🏾


But what if....

You want to do some less noticeable ducking? What if you don't want the pumping effect that comes with traditional sidechain compression? What if you want something a bit stealthier?

Enter: Sidechain EQ!

By using EQ for ducking instead of amplitude you can really dial in which frequencies you don't want to smear without your audience noticing. Not every song is an EDM banger after all...

Here's how:

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