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Advanced Routing in Propellerhead Reason

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

The most unique of all of Reason's features is the Reason Rack. This thing is an absolute beast and one of the best ways to wrap your head around signal flow.

The Rack, however, can be quite confusing before you know what you are doing so I's like to demystify it a bit for ya. (Video Below)

Why do I need to know?

It's pretty tempting with any DAW to let the auto routing do it's thing and not really question it but in reason it's a bit of a crime. You see, Reason comes bundled with a few pretty complex plugins:

It also ships with smaller, simpler modules:

At first blush, these smaller plugins can seem a bit useless. "Why would I grab a simple DDL-1 when I can reach for the mighty echo? That cheesy little RV-7 reverb? Please! That tiny compressor? Pulverize it! But it is in the routing that these smaller, more modular devices really shine!

Let's not forget that you can use their bigger brothers in conjunction as well!

The MVPs

These are the devices that will really set your routing game off:

The Combinator

A container for synths and plugins the real power is unlocked when you map the macros and buttons. Trigger all your layered synths with one key, in one device, on one track!

Line Mixer 6:2

The "advanced routing" plugin I reach for the most. Parallel processing at the track level with out bussing way before anyone else had that functionality? Oh Propellerhead, you spoil us...

Spider Audio Merger & Splitter

If The Combinator is the stock pot, The Line mixer the food processor, then the Spider Audio Merger & Splitter is the chef's knife. You just can't get it done without it.


In this video I show you how to make a really amazing sounding, very usable delay with some advanced features. You can also download the combinator rack pre-made HERE

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